N.D. - Naturopathic Doctor: National College of Naturopathic Medicine 2001, Portland, OR

L.Ac., M.S.O.M. - Licensed Acupuncturist - Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine: National College of Naturopathic Medicine 2002, Portland, OR

B.S. - Bachelors of Science in Biology, English and Pre-medicine: James Madison University 1994, Harrisonburg, VA

High School - Heidelberg American High School 1990, Heidelberg, Germany


I have been providing primary care medicine since 2001. Additionally I have been on faculty of Birthingway College of Midwifery since 2002 teaching a variety of courses, currently a Botanical Medicine series and Nutrition.

Early in my practice I taught at several massage therapy schools and focused on physical medicine using various bodywork modalities, joint manipulation and acupuncture for treating a variety of sports and life injuries. I quickly expanded my focus but often still use hands on therapies.

Prior to medical school I was the clinical manager of a prominent group practice in Washington, D.C. including primary care physicians, a cardiologist and orthopedist. I managed and performed all the clinical operations including labs, x-rays, managing the vaccine clinic and assisted doctors in performing colonoscopy and various exams. This valuable experience in conventional medicine lead me on my journey to provide more effective care than what is typically available. My training in prevention, nutrition, lifestyle factors and well researched natural therapies in addition to my conventional primary care medical approach allows me to customize care for each patient holistically.

I also volunteered as the laboratory manager at the prenatal clinic at the Washington Free Clinic in D.C. I developed a passion for women's health and peri-natal care from that experience and enjoyed working with a diverse population of patients and volunteer doctors and midwives.

Growing up in Germany in the late 80s, I experienced how natural remedies were considered first line approaches in health care. Medical doctors there embraced herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, bodywork and acupuncture before resorting to prescription medicines. Fresh air and exercise were seen as vital components to health and chronic conditions were best managed with long vacations and cleansing diets.



Dr. Cash

Parenting my twin sons with my wife is my center. They teach me love and patience and multi-tasking. Finding balance with family, work, fitness and fun fills my days. Originally from Alaska, my soul feeds on mountainscapes and time in nature. Conversely, spending formative years in Heidelberg Germany, I feel at home in our bustling city with its rich creative culture. I thrive on neighborhood runs up Mt. Tabor to catch a glimpse of Mt. Hood in the distance or around our beautiful riverfront. I have played soccer with a close group of friends for well over a decade and play on several teams. In recent years we have found a variety of adventure races to keep us training and acting as my sons would describe as 'anti-mature.'

I am personally committed to my own healthy lifestyle and strive to have a blast doing so. We are gifted with abundant local produce and fantastic food culture which I love to explore. I am not sure anyone can eat local whole foods as well as we Portlanders. The wilds of our region lure me out of cell phone range whenever the rain stops.

My other passion is you! I am so blessed and honored to serve my patients. Spending my workdays connecting with wonderful people is a treasure. I am amazed by their vulnerability, determination and how they really know themselves. It is a privilege to collaborate with them on health goals and support them on their healing journeys.