When I go in to see Dr. Cash, I always bring a list of my questions. She has so much information to share, because she stays up on the latest research and studies in both Western and Eastern medicine. She can speak with ease about prescribing me Prilosec one minute, then recommending licorice root the next. Her treatments can combine acupuncture and deep tissue massage, as she brings all her forms of healing to the session. I wish I had to see her more often because I so enjoy the information she gives, but she keeps me so healthy, I don’t!

"I have never had a doctor who really understands how to heal the body as well as Dr. Cash.  I consistently challenge myself athletically and Dr. Cash helps me heal and push forward.  I am SO glad that more people don't know about her so that I still can schedule appointments with her:)
I changed my insurance so that I can see her on a regular basis."

Whether it be for a bad case of the flu, a knee injury, a jaw clenching issue, or neck and shoulder pain, Dr. Cash has solved it. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the body, and personable approach solves problems that seem impossible. She is an incredible healer; I have never had a doctor that is more in tune with my healing.

A 47 year old trying to keep up with his 20 something action sports buddies inevitably needs good medical help. Dr. Cash puts me back together faster than any other doctor I’ve ever seen. She is the first person I call

Passionate, energetic, optimistic and smart—that’s Cash. She cares about your health and wants you to live the best life you can. If you have a health issue she doesn’t automatically pump you full of drugs. She encourages you to eat well, exercise, stretch and encourages you to treat your issue naturally to get and stay healthy. I always recommend Cash when a friend or family member is dealing with a health issue that can’t be resolved. Cash always discovers the core problem and resolves the health issue. She is in one word—amazing.
I am 58 and lead a very active lifestyle (play soccer, hike, bike). I see Cash once a month—her deep tissue work and acupuncture allow me to stay active and enjoy all of my activities. And she doesn’t just preach a healthy lifestyle, she lives it every day.

If I have a medical or back issue, I turn to Cash first. Her results are always outstanding. I was in two car accidents in a year, resulting in an injury to my neck and a great deal of pain every time I tried to turn my neck. I saw Cash every two-three weeks along with a physical therapist and I was able to regain mobility in my neck and reduce the pain substantially without drugs or surgery.
Thanks to Cash I haven’t been sick for over two years. Yes, it’s because I take care of myself but it’s also because I take her remedies which keep me healthy during the winter months.